Head Coach Steve Wright is here in February & he brought his son Connor! Tis a long way away from week 3! Is Steve Wright finally satisfied with his team defense? Connor talks about his team, the Spurs, and a team that they had on the ropes, the Grizzlies.

MNBL Web (7:56)
ATR Awards:
Player of the Week – Anthony Baires – Sixers (19:16)
Coach of the Week – Chris Callinan – Sixers (19:28)
Team of the Week – Hawks (19:39)
Wooo! of the Week – Pedro Beato – MNBL Referee (19:47)
Black History Moment:
Leonard Fillyaw (22:02)


Pedro Beato is an MNBL Referee, not MNLB Referee.

The Bullets are 4-5 going into the weekend of February 15th.