Did The Dudster nail it or did he use his #Right2Rescind option?

ATR Awards:
Player of the Week – Amanual Beshah – Pistons (18:33)
Coach of the Week – Cliff Philippe – Sonics (18:48)
Team of the Week – Sonics (19:02)

Wooo! of the Week – Ricardo Saint Jean – Sixers (19:23)
Black History Moment:
Doris Miller (22:12)

The Goings! (27:43)


#Goings – Celtics, Sonics, Hawks, Bullets

#MadnessGm1 – Celtics beat Bullets

#MadnessGm2 – Sonics beat Hawks

#TheBigDance – Celtics beat Sonics



Kings player’s name is Jaden Brito-White, not Jaden Brito!

Kings are the reigning champs since you don’t defend a championship you had won the season before.

Bullets beat Hawks head to head so the 4-3 Bullets are in the 3rd place & the 4-3 Hawks are in 4th place.