This show is dedicated to the memory of Gianna & Kobe Bryant whom were called HOME on Sunday, January 26th. Cliff Philippe, head coach of the Sonics, is the guest. Discussion include memories of Kobe, 1999 Sonics vs 2020 Sonics & the breakfast strike!

8 seconds moment of silence (0:04)
MNBL Web – (8:26)
ATR Awards:
Player of the Week – Wesley Johnson – Lakers (21:37)
Coach of the Week – Aly Joseph – Hawks (21:43)
Team of the Week – Lakers (21:50)
Wooo! of the Week – Jason Crocker, Sammy Solorzano, Joao Maderios, Jaden Brito-White – Kings (21:58)



Celtics are undefeated with a record of 6-0.
Lakers are team of the because for the 1st time this season all players showed up to play. The Lakers had forfeited their 3rd & 4th games in addition to playing their 2nd game with only 3 players! And let’s not forget that due to foul troubles, the Lakers 1st ended with 2 Lakers vs 3 Sonics!