Mayor Gary Christenson’s annual visit to ATR! Not knowing the cameras were recording, Nester makes a suggestion. Talks include the state of the city, rumors heard by the mayor & Lack o Commitment & the opening of Malden’s new city hall! Gary will also be a guest on next week’s Make It Rain Podcast.

MNBL Web – (10:10)
ATR Awards:
Player of the Week – Darius Philippe – Sonics (21:12)
Coach of the Week – Joe Young – Celtics (21:18)
Team of the Week – Celtics (21:23)
Wooo! of the Week – Elizabeth Nguyen – Sonics (21:29)
Black History Moment:
Eleanor Dumont (23:10)


The Wooo! of the Week recipient, Elizabeth Nguyen, should have also been acknowledge that she coached the Sonics in the 1st quarter of their game. Nester had no knowledge that this had happened since your ole pal #TheDudster twasn’t at that game!