Coach Steve Freker in studio for the 1st time since 1995! We remind folks that he & his Hawks were the 1st back to back champions in the MNBL, 1991 & 1992. Who would win a game between his 1992 & 1995 championship teams, as Coach Frek is caught up in the #MNBLWeb! Is high school athletic specialization good for the student athlete? Information sharing about the Malden High basketball, football & baseball teams

MNBL Web – (7:56)
ATR Awards:
Player of the Week – Mohammed Cherif – Kings (18:04)
Coach of the Week – Chris Rogers – Kings (18:12)
Team of the Week – Kings (18:19)
Wooo! of the Week – Jeffrey Song – Kings (18:33)
Black History Moment:
Bill Pickett (20:26)


Sean Kelley scored 40pts for the Celtics as they beat the Sixers 71-41.