Always a treat when Coach U visits the studio of ATR! We brought our YouTube Live Channel last month to Brooks Prep School to watch her team host a school from Brookline. Coach U talks about preparing & teaching her players, as the 1st year head coach of this team.

MNBL Web – (9:00)
ATR Awards:
Player of the Week – Bill Chen – Bullets (21:49)
Coach of the Week – Ken Mazonson – Commissioner (21:56)
Team of the Week – Pistons (22:18)
Wooo! of the Week – Mark Niboh, Terrel Stringer, Imani Delouchrey, Jamal Jean-Jacques – Pistons (22:28)
Black History Moment:
Cathay Williams (24:17)


New Orleans Pelican Anthony Davis is in the NBA Western Conference & wouldn’t be eligible to represent the Eastern Conference All-Star team to challenge the defending World Champions Golden State Warriors. If Coach U wants to put him on the team, I tain’t hating!

MNBL Commissioner Ken Mazonson coached both the Hawks & Pistons in the 1st two games on Saturday, February 9th.

An outdated graphic was used to identify Coach U, for which we deeply apologize!