This twas the quickest 30mins in all of the 27 seasons of ATR! Did nothing but laugh the entire episode! Kings coaches Chris Rogers, Cliff Williams & Sebastian Arrano talking about all the positives of this season along with the sport of Cornhole! Unfortunately one of the mics were compromised during this episode.

MNBL Web – (11:55)

ATR Awards:

Player of the Week – Stefan Cherenfant – Celtics (20:17)

Coach of the Week – Joe Young – Celtics (20:25)

Team of the Week – Celtics (20:30)

Wooo! of the Week – Mark Niboh, Terrel Stringer, Imani Delouchrey, Jamal Jean-Jacques – Pistons (20:35)

Black History Moment:

Bass Reeves (23:18)


Beany Amos led Cliff Williams and fellow Jam Patrol members, Keith Knight & Joel Gray, to win “Show Stopper” title of Malden High School Junior Varieties produced by the Class of 1985.

I forgot to set up the live stream for this episode. #MyBad!