Nester activates his #Right2Rescind & replaces the defending MNBL Champions Bullets with the Lakers to make the journey to March Madness!

Tain’t goings – Sixers, Hawks, Pistons, Bullets

Goings – Celtics, Lakers, Kings, Sonics

March Madness Game 1 – Celtics beat Sonics

March Madnes Game 2 – Lakers beat Kings

The Big Dance – Lakers beat Celtics

Wakanda Forever! – (1:29)

ATR Awards: Player of the Week – Sean Kelley – Celtics (20:08)

Coach of the Week – Steve Wright – Bullets (20:29)

Team of the Week – Lakers (20:40)

Wooo! of the Week – Ricardo Saint Jean – Sixers (21:13)



Tain’t none! Context twas perfect! #Recognize