Season 27 Edition 4 – #MidSeasonReportCard – Recap & Corrections

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Recap Nester activates his #Right2Rescind & replaces the defending MNBL Champions Bullets with the Lakers to make the journey to March Madness! Tain't goings - Sixers, Hawks, Pistons, Bullets Goings - Celtics, Lakers, Kings, Sonics March Madness Game 1 - Celtics beat Sonics March Madnes Game 2 - Lakers...

Early am #Cardio 5 mornings strong every week

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Early am #Cardio 5 mornings strong every week to keep up with the refereeing 4 bball games every Saturday morn! Your favorite #ShyGuy hath limbs o steel! #Gym — view on Instagram from Tumblr