Season 27 Show 1 – Season Premiere – corrections

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The Hawks are the only MNBL team to win back-to-back titles, which they have done twice. The first time in 1991 & 1992 to become The First Dynasty. The second time in 2010 & 2011 when went undefeated in both seasons, winning 32 straight games to become The Perfect Dynasty! Sonics new head coach Cliff Phili...

Season 27 Show 1 – Season Premiere – recap

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27th season premiere of ATR & 34th season of the Malden Neighborhood Basketball League. Nester Dudley give annual predictions for the MNBL 2019 Season. #DudsterSolo #TaintGoings - Lakers, Hawks, Sixers, Pistons #Goings - Celtics, Kings, Bullets, Sonics #MadnessGm1 - Celtics beat Sonics #MadnessGm2 - Kings beat ...